DooM Legacy

DooM Legacy 1.42

Doom Legacy is a source port of Doom game available for windows

Doom Legacy is a source port of Doom available for DOS, Win32, Linux, OS/2 and MacOS, originally written by Boris Pereira and Fabrice "faB" Denis. The project is now maintained by Thierry "Hurdler" Van Elsuwé, Ville "smite-meister" Bergholm and Jussi "Pate" Pakkanen, with a supporting cast of 40 contributors. The original 1.4x branch is now updated by Wesley Johnson.
Legacy was originally written as a fork of DOSDoom introducing mouse-look, jumping, a console, 32 player deathmatch, skins and a native win32 mode. Fabrice developed a Glide front-end, one of the first hardware-accelerated renderers. Hurdler was originally introduced to develop GL support, however as time went by, Hurdler increasingly maintained the project. Pate took on the task of creating a new OpenGL renderer, as Hurdler had less time to contribute to the project after pursuing a career in professional game development. Fabrice has now moved on to pastures new, with Boris making an occasional appearance.

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